Moving Closer to the Center

In recent conversations, I have been reminded of a way of thinking that I first learned about in college: bounded sets versus centered sets. While this article explains it much better than I can, essentially bounded set thinking is concerned about belonging to a certain group. This group has shared values and a common ideology,


A Call for Conservative Voices

Conservative Christians, I believe in you. I love you. I admire faith, your witness, your dedication to Scripture. I value your voice – let no one silence you! You are a crucial, effective part of the Christian faith. We need you to continue kindling our spiritual fervor for being in a personal relationship with Christ.


“I Wish All the Lord’s People Were Prophets!”

The other day, I came across a Bible passage that I do not recall having ever read before. The story came from Numbers 11. The Lord ordered Moses to select 70 men from the among the nation of Israel to act as leaders and elders for the people. That way, Moses would not have to


Why I’m a Nazarene, Part 5

This is the conclusion to the five-part series, “Why I’m a Nazarene”: Part 1: History and Background of the Church of the Nazarene Part 2: Equality in Ministry in the Church of the Nazarene Part 3: Scriptural Interpretation in the Church of the Nazarene Part 4: Optimistic Grace in the Church of the Nazarene On


A Note to Opponents of the LGBT Community

In recent weeks, two current events concerning the LGBT community have captured the attention of many in the media: the Supreme Court’s discussion of same-sex marriage and Bruce Jenner’s decision to transition into a woman. I’ll note here what I think of both: I’m in favor same-sex marriage and I support Bruce Jenner in his


Those Who Most Need It Will Never Read It.

We love to be told that we’re right, especially when that validation is coming from a source that we respect. Reading blogs and articles that affirm our beliefs gives us confidence in our own sense of right-ness and pats us on our proverbial backs. As a society, we have a natural tendency to take this


A Whisper, Stronger than the Storm

The world is spinning for me right now. So much has happened in the past couple of months that I don’t even know how to begin processing it all: In South Carolina, an African-American man was shot in the back multiple times by a police officer. After killing him, the officer planted evidence to corroborate a


Transcendence and Decay

Small minds can no longer prosper. They must transcend, rid themselves of unjustified thoughts, or else they will decay. In order for small minds to transcend, this realization must be made: A person cannot be robbed if he is willing to let go of everything he holds dear. A person must cease to own or


Why Inerrancy?

What is your view of the Bible and its authority? I believe the Holy Scriptures are the inspired words of God wherein God bears witness to Himself. The Scriptures were written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit, so that while the men retained their own unique writing style, their words are divine


The War is Coming!

“The war is coming – the war is here!” The men tighten their belts, the men sharpen their blades. Arm in arm and hand in hand, they form a group, united to stand. Their helmets glint bright, their breastplates pulled tight. “The war is coming – the war is here!” Hour upon hour they spend