Monday Morning Confession Time

A couple of weeks ago, Shannon wrote a lighthearted article as a confession, and I thought it was really cool. Since then, I’ve felt challenged to share a confession of my own. As a reminder, this format is based on Tim Suttle’s “Monday Morning Confessionals.” I confess that I, like Shannon, have a tattoo. I


Why I’m a Nazarene, Part 1

Author’s Note: In a little less than a month, I will have the honor and privilege of being ordained as a minister in the Church of the Nazarene, the culmination of a six-year long journey that I hope to write about in a future post. Because of my impending ordination, I wanted to take some


Resisting the Temptation of Ambition

In a little under two weeks, the time of the Christian year known as Lent will wrap up as we move into the celebration of the Easter season. This year for Lent, our youth group used a teen curriculum called “Live Fast.”  This series takes a look a the three different temptations of Jesus in the


The Angel of God

I found joy on the Golden Highway, And the Angel of God rode up to me, Under silver skies, upon a bronze mule, And told me, “Greed will consume your soul!” Weary traveler am I with holes in my clothes, But my soul is so un-holey because—- Because—-my heart is full of love, My heart


An Adoption Story

It all started with a cat. I have always loved cats. I would definitely consider myself a “cat person.” Growing up, we usually had at least one pet cat in our household at all times. I had never even owned a dog. So when the small, orange striped cat started hanging around our house and


Redefining Masculinity

Note: This is a follow-up post to Imitation Masculinity. Reading that post is not a prerequisite to being able to understand this post, but you may find it helpful (and, if I do say so myself, it’s totally worth the read). Men love to watch sports. Men love to play sports. In fact, there are


Christianity in the Margins

While browsing Reddit a few days ago (always a dangerous thing to do), I came across an article originally posted in the atheism sub-reddit. This article stated that according to recent survey findings, the number of Americans who did not claim a particular religion was on the rise. In 2014, about 21% of all Americans claimed no


Adults, We Don’t Have to Agree.

My faith has grown a lot over the years, and I hope that it keeps growing as I continue to mature. We all grow up with ideas about how life works. As we grow, we learn that some of them are right (don’t touch fire, because it burns), some are wrong (Santa brings us presents


The Rock

A rock stands at the edge of a waterfall, How long it has been there, it does not know, It is not a knowing thing, but a thing that feels, And it feels the thrust of the current against it; For the river wants the rock to fall, as other rocks have fallen, But the