The Angel of God

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Narrative

I found joy on the Golden Highway,
And the Angel of God rode up to me,
Under silver skies, upon a bronze mule,
And told me, “Greed will consume your soul!”

Weary traveler am I with holes in my clothes,
But my soul is so un-holey because—-
Because—-my heart is full of love,
My heart is full of love, my heart is so full;

I’ve been to taverns, I’ve been to bars,
I’ve smoked hookah with mermaid-people
Whose lungs were full of bubbles, (so full),
Who drowned themselves on textile air;

Beneath the Jerusalem sky, in perennial youth,
Stood the starry-eyed chick with freckles on her grave;
She glanced at me askew with hunger and lust,
And we ate naked olives and she loved me with her soul,

Then I came in her hair and she flinched,
And we laughed and rejoined the mermaid-people
Whose lungs were full of Wells’s Ray Beams,
Who hadn’t known we were gone, such was their drowning,

So the starry-eyed chick and I strolled the shore,
And we spoke of Jim Morrison wanting to drown,
And I told her I wanted to die, too, but not drown,
Save drowning for the mermaid-people, I’ll die high—-

Sky-high playing six harps with taut strings
That make no sound but what dogs hear,
And I wanted her to hear me, so I called her a dog,
And she laughed then said she’d better rejoin the others,

So I let her retreat and I wandered wondering
Where I’d find my people—-but I have no people;
They’re all just dogs, and I want to sing them songs,
So I’ve been playing like Keats and hoping they’d listen,

Yes, I’ve been playing my joy on the Golden Road,
And the Angel of God, with chrome guns, said to me,
“Give me all the money you have,” so I did,
And he walked into the sea and began to drown.

Howdy. My name’s Justin Volker, and I’m a freelance writer from Kansas City, Missouri.

Those of you who have read Randy’s mission statement about this blog network will be aware that, in both ‘faith’ and ‘narrative’ posts, some writers will challenge or conflict with the theistic position.

I shall be one of those writers.

If you’re curious about my beliefs and desire clarification, well–I’m rather agnostic about a lot of things, but I do enjoy discussing religion and the place of religion in the life of the individual and in the spiderweb of society. Perhaps in the process of contributing to this site, I will come to an opinion more definite than that, but for now, this is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write. Thanks.

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