The War Must Go On!

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Narrative

Ending a war is as simple as trusting in others,
And so I say there will be no peace:
The war must go on!
We shall keep our arms raised until our foes have raised their arms,
For who knows if they have the nobility to grant us clean surrender,
And who knows what would come if they did and they did;
Yes, what awaits the bent but slavery?
And what becomes of might made equal?
Well, I’d never be caught dead acting stupid,
I’d rather be tied to dirt by ropes of blood than bound to life by gratitude;
So I ask: Is dark surrender worth pursuing?
No, I say, and there will be no peace:
The war must go on!

Howdy. My name’s Justin Volker, and I’m a freelance writer from Kansas City, Missouri.

Those of you who have read Randy’s mission statement about this blog network will be aware that, in both ‘faith’ and ‘narrative’ posts, some writers will challenge or conflict with the theistic position.

I shall be one of those writers.

If you’re curious about my beliefs and desire clarification, well–I’m rather agnostic about a lot of things, but I do enjoy discussing religion and the place of religion in the life of the individual and in the spiderweb of society. Perhaps in the process of contributing to this site, I will come to an opinion more definite than that, but for now, this is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write. Thanks.

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This is a blog for challenging assumptions, building faith, and developing a stronger community. The two channels of this blog – Faith and Narrative – push us to know ourselves and the world around us more intimately. Want to learn more about us?

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