A Longing, An Inspiration

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Narrative

I need the inspiration of a long and tortured night.
Fill my heart, my mind with visions of wonder, delight.
I need the sultry velvet of dusk half-drawn
To draw me into its light ‘fore it fades to dawn.

Shall my heart leap within me at the mention of your name,
When my heart, cold, alone, knows only pain?
But if I can, by chance or faith, feel again inside,
Then I will run, leap to your arms and cry.
Time regardless and joy none to care,
I will be joyful, regardless, when I am there.

As one, I need another with whom to lengthen and die,
But first I need the inspiration of a long and tortured night.

I founded this website, although it certainly wouldn’t exist without the encouragement and support of all of the site’s writers (not to mention the countless others in my life that have pressed me to deepen and explore my faith). I live in Kansas City, MO. I’m married to the beautiful and brilliant Shannon Greene (yes, the same one that writes for this site). For a living, I design and build websites. I love what I do.

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