About Us

What is this site anyways?

What is this word – “sobecreation”?

The word is intended to be broken into three parts: so be creation.

The application of it is actually quite simple – it is a plea for us to be the people that God created us to be.

So is this a Christian website?

That’s probably a good description of it, but I feel like that needs an asterisk. The term “Christian” seems to have lost almost all meaning within the social context of the United States.

I (Randy Greene, the owner/producer of this site) am a staunch follower of Christ. However, I hold firmly to the belief that my faith must be challenged in order to grow. I love to listen to the perspectives of other worldviews because those differing views on what it means to be Christian challenge me to better understand myself and the world around me.

For me, faith isn’t static – it’s a journey to be more aware of what it means to live for Christ, and one of the ways that I continue to grow in my faith is by learning from people that have different life experiences and perspectives. So sobecreation.com doesn’t cater to any particular theological outlook, and I hope it pushes the boundaries of what each of us assumes to be the definition of “Christian” in various ways.

What’s the purpose of this site, then?

My goal for this website is to challenge people to grow in their faith, no matter what type of faith they call their own.

The site is divided into two primary channels, Faith and Narrative, which work together to achieve this aim.


Faith needs to be challenged or it ceases to be faith. It is about asking questions; it is not about having answers.

For decades, Christians have had “answers” for society’s struggles – answers that they’ve claimed comes straight from Scripture. But these answers often betray the basic principles of love and grace that serve as the primary foundation of that same Word. Because of this approach to Christianity, Christians have (rightly) come to be seen as elitist, exclusionary, divisive – even hateful. And it’s not just a problem between Christians and society at-large; we’ve used the name of God to perpetuate hate and division among other Christians.

The Faith channel is focused on promoting understanding by questioning the answers that we have unflinchingly come to accept. The articles come from writers who have a variety of perspectives and come from different faith traditions, religions, and walks of life. These articles serve to challenge our assumptions about ourselves.

As you read this section, you will likely find articles that you disagree with, and that’s okay. There are articles that I disagree with, but if I’m trying to understand where the author is coming from and I’m engaging in the discussion, then this channel has achieved its purpose.


Art impacts each person in a different way. I may consider a piece the height of beauty, but someone else may consider it worthless. We can’t both be right, can we?

That’s why this channel is so important – as we open ourselves to artistic beauty, we learn that the differences in interpretation and meaning are what make it incredible. That is a lesson that applies equally well to life and faith.

The Narrative channel highlights the differences in worldviews in a way that is indirect and, therefore, frequently more impactful than straightforward articles. The prose, poetry, photography, and other pieces of art in this section challenge me to be more aware of my own inclinations and prejudices.

Some of the pieces have a moral message and some of them are simply there for the sake of beauty itself, but they all help me come to a better understanding of myself and the world around me.

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