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This website is fully owned and operated by RG Creative, LLC. All of the contents of the site of the site (including images, text, code, etc.), with the exception of individual post content, belongs to RG Creative, LLC.

Post Content

Each individual author retains the full and unrestricted copyright on the content of their individual posts. For textual posts, the “content” is the text of the post. For photographic posts, the “content” is the photograph itself. For audio, video, or posts of any other medium, the “content” is the audio, video, or other medium.

Each of the authors on this blog provide their posts to RG Creative, LLC, of their own free will and receive no direct compensation for their contributions. In addition, each author may choose to edit or remove any or all of their posts at any time.

For example, Randy Greene retains the copyright on each post that he has written. He has published the posts on this website by his own choice and he may choose to remove them at any time. He is in full ownership and control of his own posts.


For any content where the copyright is not explicitly retained by the author, it should be assumed that the copyright belongs to RG Creative, LLC. If you have specific questions about the application of specific copyrights on this website, please contact Randy Greene at randy AT discoverrg DOT com.

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